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Everybody that uses a telephone needs this desktop app!

Never get names or any other difficult to spell important words spelled wrong again! Ever!

Best Twelve Bucks* You'll Ever Spend On A Desktop App!

What's The Problem?

spelling mistakes lead to spectacular financial losses

According to Experian, much of it is down to human error. The reason for this lies in an over-reliance on manual data entry and the lack of internal processes to check accuracy, either at the point of capture or via back-office data cleansing.

Typical Mispelled First Names

Megan, Meagan, Meghan, Meaghan, or Megann, Katherine, Catherine, Kathryn, and Cathryn, Connor, Conor, and Conner, Lyla, Lylah or Lilah, Sara or Sarah, Isabelle or Isabel, Savanna or Savannah, Allison or Alison, Aubrey or Aubree, Sofia, more...


Abilene, Akron, Albertville, Bakersfield, Baltimore, Batavia, Baxter Springs, Caldwell, Campbell, Canon, Carbondale, Carbundale, Danville, Dawsen, Decatur, DeKalb, Eau Claire, Elberton, Emmetsburg, Fayetteville, Gainesville, more...

Typical Mispelled Surnames

Giannis Antetokounmpo, Jarrod Saltalamacchia, Mike Krzyzewski, Adeiny Hechavarria, Ndamukong Suh, Erisbel Arruebarrena, Steve Wojciechowski, Louis Oosthuizen, Dustin Byfuglien, Patrick Wiercioch, more...

You May Be Wondering

The alphaPhonetics app is a globally standardized phonetic spelling method used by astronauts, aircraft pilots, police, fire men and women and all people in all professions –worldwide– who use telephones, radios and other communication devices to phonetically spell words that –must– be spelled correctly.
The alphaPhonetics app is based on the NATO phonetic alphabet. Listen to how it may be used for example:
Ever try to spell a name or address or anything else that was important to convey when using the telephone and –NOT GET STRESSED OUT– trying to ensure who you were speaking with got everything spelled correctly? Now you know. And you have the opportunity to buy a lifetime of peace of mind for only twelve dollars.
Boldy but simply factual, –EVERYBODY– that uses a telephone needs alphaPhonetics. Both parties during a telephone conversation:
  • the caller –you– no longer have to stumble or mumble when trying to phonetically make words up.
  • the customer service rep , hospital or clinic scheduling staff –you– no longer have to stumble or mumble to phonetically make words up.
  • alphaPhonetics is the real thing –EVERYBODY– and –ANYBODY– can use to get words spelled right to communicate like a confident seasoned professional.
Sure. Anybody with the Windows OS that can:
  • Double-Click to open.
  • Click to select a layout.
  • Click to select a theme.
  • Click the start button.
  • Click to close and exit the app.
alphaPhonetics is a cross-platform app that runs on Windows that can also be compiled to run on Macintosh or Linux computers; no means to do so at this time.
The app is a “portable executable” meaning it does not need to be installed; it can run from any folder on any disk device on your computer. Even from a USB key. Simply double-click the alphaPhonetics.exe file as documented in the .pdf documentation that comes with the app.

Simply make a shortcut for the executable file and put the shortcut into the Startup Folder and it loads every time you launch Windows.

Save a copy of the shortcut on your desktop too and you’re all set.
  • $12.00 flat fee per person.
  • Perpetual use license.
  • No fee renewals.
  • Ever.

What's The Solution?

Use this Windows app!
Here's what you get for only twelve dollars...

The User Preferences Settings Window is opened when launching the alphaPhonetics app. It is used to select the preferences for the layout options and the theme options. Selecting the Start button closes the User Preferences Window and opens the Layout Window that contains and displays the alphaPhonetic alphabet from A to Z.
alphaPhonetics User Preferences Settings Window

The Layout Window contains and displays the alphaPhonetic alphabet and has been programmed to snap to the left side or to the right side of the screen.

The Layout Window will size itself to the full height of the screen. The width of the window is hard coded. The window will open and remain on top of anything and everything that may be on the desktop in that area of the screen.

The window cannot be resized or dragged around on the desktop. The window may be minimized and restored if access to the desktop is required. The Layout Window is also used to close and exit the app.

NATO alphabet layuout on left
NATO alphabet layuout on right

The Theme Preference allows selecting a light theme or a dark theme.

alphaPhonetics Light Theme Example
NATO alphabet dark theme


Only $12.00!

Flat Fee Perpetual License

* Plus 5.5% Sales Tax Required By State of Wisconsin and Milwaukee County Law
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