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Nobody can afford to have their name mispelled when speaking on the telephone. What happens if you are conveying information that may result in injury or death if names, places, and other critically important words are mispelled by those receiving your telephone call? What can you do when somebody you are speaking to on the telephone relies on you to get it right?

Your name might be Bob Smith or Sally Jones that you may assume does not need to be phonetically spelled –when speaking with native speakers of the English language– but the world is getting smaller and smaller every day and we’re all living in aglobal village are we not? What if for example your name were Ndamukong; an African family name and a compound one which means “house of spears,” and is pronounced (En-DOM-Ah-ken) but is not spelled as it may be pronounced? What could you do if Ndamukong called you?

Example of names nobody could spell when conveyed on a telephone.

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